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Package Design, Photoshop 3D mapping, lighting and rendering.

Vape Box
Render 1

Another school assignment. The objective in this one was to create a 3D box in Photoshop, design the sides of the box, and integrate it into a photo, trying to respect the perspective.

Once again, I saw this as an opportunity to take it one step further, and also model something in Maya and try to integrate it with the 3D box in photoshop and create a scene. I got to come back to Maya after such a long time apart, and also play around with Photoshop's rendering engine, which blew me away.

Render 2
Render 3

After playing around for a week with Maya UVs and Photoshop materials and lightings, and rendering scenes for over 6 hours on an i7 Mac Pro with a GTX 780, I believe I got the results I was going for.

I enjoyed the results so much, that I made a real life size mockup of the box and brought it to class presentation (not to mention another week in Photoshop playing with more 3D elements, maybe I'll post those someday).

  • Category: 3D, Design
  • Client: BCIT
  • Delivered: 2016 March
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