Nat Geo

Nat Geo: Space Tourism

Digital publishing design for iPad

iPad layout iPad layout

This was an adaptive layout exercise in Adobe InDesign for my Design 2 class at BCIT.

The assignment was to find an article of my choice and adapt it to what National Geographic Magazine might do in a digital publication. Then, adapt it for both horizontal and vertical layout.

Inteligent Design: Print and Digital

Nat Geo Print Nat Geo Print

With the current display technology available in phones and tablets, it is not very dificult to design something that looks beautiful on the screen, but I wanted to take it to a step further.

My personal objective was also to try to design something that would work for the not-so-big display devices while still being usable for a full size magazine print.

  • Category: Design
  • Client: BCIT (Student)
  • Delivered: 2016 March
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